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The Four Things That Determine If You Need New Tires

You need to be aware of these four things when deciding if you need new tires: tread wear, exposure to the elements, tire age and visual inspection.

Tread Wear

Use the penny test. With this easy test, a penny can buy you peace of mind when it comes to your tires and safety. Place a penny head first into several tread grooves across the tire. Looking across the tread surface of your tire, if your tread is touching Lincoln’s head the it means you have at least 2/32 of an inch of tread depth which is good enough to be safe. If your tread does not touch Lincoln’s head your tire tread is shallow and worn, and your tires need to be replaced.  

Why Worry About Tread Wear?

The most important reason to worry about tread wear is safety. When your tire tread is worn, your car may respond poorly in adverse weather conditions like rain and snow. The tires ability to displace water or slush from between the tire and the road is diminished from when the tires were new. With good tread your car will have an easier time gripping the road in dry and wet conditions. Some states laws that make driving with insufficient tire tread something you could get a ticket from. Finally, worn tread can cause other parts of your car wear prematurely.

Exposure to the Elements

Exposure to heat and the sun’s ultraviolet rays may cause structural changes to your tires. Dry rot is real when if comes to your tires. Look for cracks in the side wall of the tire, places where the material is chipping or flaking, or you may see tread that is separating.

Tire Age

How old are your tires? Regardless of tread wear, vehicle manufacturers generally recommend you replace your tires every six years. Most tire manufacturers recommend that tires 10 years or older from the date of manufacture are no longer viable and must be replaced. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on your specific tires.

Visual Inspection

Look over your tires for bumps, bulges, cuts and uneven tread wear. Bumps and bulges are an indication that your sidewall structure is starting to fail. You will need to get that tire replaced immediately. Cuts in your tires can be an issue if on the edge of the tire or the side wall. Any weak spot in the tire can lead to a failure, which you definitely don’t want. Uneven tread wear is a little harder to see, but if the inside or outside of the tire is worn with no tread and the rest of the tire has plenty of tread then you have uneven tread wear. Sometimes a wheel alignment will stop the issue and sometimes the damage to the tire is too severe and will require replacement.

I Need New Tires!

When it’s time to replace your tires, you have plenty of options. If you are thinking of buying on-line to save a few dollars, be sure to check on how the warranty works and the timeframes to make a warranty claim. Also make sure you are buying the proper size and speed or load rating. Tires can be the same size but are different in how they are rate for use. Buying tires locally or through Milex Complete Auto Care / Mr. Transmission of Cary, the tire and the labor are warrantied together and if necessary, the process to make a warranty claim is quick and easy. In most cases within the same day. Come see us at Milex Complete Auto Care / Mr. Transmission of Cary to make purchasing a new set of tires as simple as possible. We have the best selection of quality tires to fit your vehicle, your budget and your driving style. From economy to ultra-high-performance tires, in the size you need from brands you trust.


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