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Warning Signs Your Car Is Not Running Properly

Catching a problem early is the best way to help prevent long-term damage. This is true for many things. For example, if you roll your ankle, you should ice it, elevate it and take some time to rest as soon as possible. Failure to do so could lead to a more serious, long-lasting injury.  When it comes to your car, the same holds true. By addressing problems early, you’ll likely increase the life of your car and save yourself some money in the process.  You just need to keep an eye out for warning signs that your car may not be running properly or you can ask the professionals at Milex Complete Auto Care / Mr. Transmission.

Battery Trouble
One of the most common car problems is an aging or defective battery. With all the electronics on modern vehicles a good working battery is essential. Typically, a car battery should be replaced every three years. After that, most car batteries will become unreliable. If you find your car cranks slowly or cranks longer than usual before starting, that’s a good indicator that it’s time for a new battery. You may remember a time when you left the lights on overnight and your battery was completely dead in the morning. That’s typically not a major problem, most time a jumpstart of your vehicle will get you on your way. Fully discharging a battery is not good for the life of a battery. Further, you may have to have the battery externally charged to get it back into its best operating condition. So, look out for the signs; your car will not start consistently, your car is slow cranking when starting or you constantly must jumpstart your vehicle to get it started. All of these indicate that it may be time for a new battery.

Engine Trouble
Another potential problem area is your engine. A car engine has numerous working components, and parts that will inevitably wear out over time. It’s important to catch engine trouble early so it doesn’t create a domino effect of problems. Some early indicators include:

  • the check engine light illuminating
  • oil indicator lights turning on, or on and off repeatedly
  • slow acceleration
  • running hot or overheating

Some of the issue’s engines have will give you no indication that they need repair or maintenance. Ask your Milex Complete Auto Care / Mr. Transmission specialist about the manufactured recommended maintenance required for your vehicle. If you don’t keep up with the recommended maintenance, then you could be in for big issues. For example, a timing belt will not give you indication is needs to be changed prior to breaking. With most engines, if the timing belt breaks the valves and pistons will come in contact with each other ruining your engine. Not something that you want to go through. Also, if your car starts to show signs of poor drivability, hesitation, jerking, rough idle, it’s and indication that your engine may need spark plugs, throttle body cleaning or a fuel filter. Finally, if your car begins to smoke, you should stop driving immediately as the situation may be dangerous. Proper engine care is crucial not only to your car’s longevity, but to your safety as the driver.

Alternator Issues
Your car’s alternator works hard to generate electric power for your car. Whenever your car is running your alternator will supply all of the power for the vehicle’s electronic systems while slowly charging your battery. It’s a very important component for your car, and you should monitor it accordingly. Alternators often work intermittently before they fail completely. So, look for the signs: your car’s lights begin to dim, the battery light occasionally comes on or is slow to go off when starting, and of course if you have a warning light flashing. These are all indications that you should take the time to get your alternator checked out. Your Auto Care Specialist may discuss with you the differences in the remanufactured alternator versus new. If you can afford the difference in the cost for a new alternator that would be recommended. Remanufactured alternators have a much higher failure rate than new alternators. So, buy a new alternator and save yourself the inconvenience of going through an alternator change more than once.

Finally, anytime your car makes unusual or concerning sounds or smells, it’s time for a checkup! Not all “symptoms” mean that emergency actions need to be taken, so deal with them quickly to avoid longer term problems down the road. To diagnose your car’s symptoms and get the help you need, visit your local Milex Complete Auto Care / Mr. Transmission location today.


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