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Brake Repair in Cary, Raleigh & Apex

When it comes to keeping your vehicle safe and road ready, few things are as important to maintain as your brakes. At Milex Complete Auto Care - Mr. Transmission of Cary, we know that a well-maintained brake system is key to keeping you safe on the road, and we’re here to help. Your brake system is a complex assembly of parts including brake pads, cylinders, drums, and rotors, all of which naturally wear down over time.

Diligent brake maintenance will not only give you a smoother ride, but it will also prevent the need for major repairs. As part of your service, we’ll perform a thorough performance check to assess your brake system's health and determine the best path forward. Whether it's hydraulic system maintenance, brake pad renewal, or addressing brake lines and rotors, North Carolina motorists can rely on us for the best brake repairs in Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Garner, and surrounding areas.

Signs Your Car's Brakes Need Servicing

There are a few telltale signs that your brake system needs attention. If you notice any of the following, bring your vehicle to Milex Complete Auto Care - Mr. Transmission of Cary for a performance check.

  • Vehicle is pulling to one side while applying the brake.
  • Brake pedal vibrates when applying the brake.
  • Brake pedal feels "spongy."
  • Noise or squeaking when applying the brake.
  • Frequent need to add brake fluid to the master cylinder.

As part of your performance check, we’ll identify and address any underlying issues that may be impacting your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Our Road Ready Brake System Performance Check Includes: 

  • Road Test vehicle for proper brake operation.    
  • Inspect and measure rotors and drums.
  • A visual inspection of the following:
    • Hydraulic System for leaks and condition.    
    • Remove all wheels and inspect brake linings.
    • Check brake fluid for moisture and contamination.
    • Inspect master cylinder and cap.
    • Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders. 

Once we’re finished, we’ll provide a written estimate for needed repairs. To learn more about our brake services visit us at Mr. Transmission Milex Complete Auto Care of Cary or give us a call today

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FAQs About Brake Repair Services

How can you prevent damage to your brake system?

Every component of your brake system requires special attention to keep it in safe and working order. Your brake pads, when excessively worn, often need replacement in order to maintain optimal performance. Ignoring this could lead to serious consequences down the line, as overly worn pads might damage your rotors or drums and cause your brakes to fail. Prioritizing regular brake pad maintenance not only guarantees your safety but also acts as a safeguard against bigger, and potentially pricier, repairs down the line.

When should you service your brake system?

If you notice poor braking performance, you should bring your vehicle in for a brake system inspection. Having your brakes inspected at every oil change is a simple way to stay on top of brake maintenance. Your owner’s manual will also have suggestions for when your brake system should be serviced.

How do you prevent brakes from wearing out quickly?

Having your brakes properly maintained is a surefire way to extend their lifespan. Beyond proper maintenance, there are some factors you can control and others you can’t. Good driving habits go a long way toward preserving your brakes.

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